How to pack away your Holiday Decorations



How to Pack Away Your Holiday Decorations



Picture this: It’s a dark and a snowy night in early December. You go to unpack all of your holiday decorations in preparation for decorating your home the next day, but instead of finding neatly arranged ornaments and perfectly strung lights you find complete Christmas chaos. Broken bulbs and ornaments, tangled string lights and tinsel, chipped ceramic figures. Those Christmas mugs you take out once a year for holiday hot chocolate? Who even knows where those are.

While your own experience unpacking your decorations in preparation for the holidays might not be quite this disastrous, pretty much all of us have experienced the frustration of improperly packed Christmas supplies. There’s a few reasons for this, most notably which, by their nature, decorations are difficult to organize and pack efficiently. They’re extremely fragile, and often in a wide variety of odd shapes. Couple that with the fact that packing them up is big and time-intensive undertaking and it’s no wonder organizing and packing holiday decorations can be such a mess.

For tips on how to Organize and Pack Click the Link Below


How To Pack Holiday Decorations: A Storage Guide

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